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Ask the Expert: Feed & Treats
Add to Favorites Combining Flocks And Feed I have a flock of hens just over three years old. I have a new flock of hens that are just over three months old. They are in separate coops, next to one another, and they share a pen that is divided by chicken wire so they can all see each other. My question is, since they are on different feed, can I combine the two groups yet? Should I be concerned about the younger hens venturing into the other coop and eating the food I’m feeding to the older hens (16% protein layer feed vs. 18% grower ration that they’re getting now)? I look forward to each issue of your magazine! Thanks for your help. Linda Anderson-Biella, Colorado ***************** Hi, Linda. It can be confusing to figure out what to do with chickens of all different ages! After doing a little research, I

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