Ask the Expert: Feed & Treats

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Ask the Expert: Feed & Treats
Chicken Treats What kinds of treats can I feed my chicks? ************************************* While your chicks’ diet should be mostly comprised of chick feed, which is balanced for optimal health, adding a few nutritious treats won’t hurt them. If you watch a mother hen outside with her chicks, she will point out bugs, worms, seeds, berries and weeds to the chicks, so I like to keep chick treats along those same lines. Chopped grass and fresh herbs such as basil, parsley, sage and oregano are especially nutritious, as are small seeds like sesame or sunflower seeds. Just be sure to chop anything you give to your chicks into small pieces and provide grit for them. (Since chickens don’t have teeth, they need small stones or coarse dirt — grit — to help them grind up and digest what they eat. A small dish of coarse dirt will suffice for your chicks,

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