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Feather Picking  I have four hens nearly 12 months old. Their run is about 10 meters x 4 meters with a swing, perches, mirror, and a dust bath. They have plenty of food and water and regular treats. Every afternoon, they are let out into the garden to have some grass. Even though they are very spoiled, I have one hen that is persistently feather pecking. They are all featherless around their bottoms and just above their tails. They look terrible. I have bought anti-feather-pecking spray, hasn’t worked, now we have painted Stockholm tar over the bare areas but Margot the speckled hen won’t leave the others alone and pulls out a feather every time she walks past them. I just don’t know what to do!  Philippa Ballistat  ************************************  Hi Philippa,  It sounds like you’ve covered all your bases! They have plenty of room, they have a great diet, they aren’t bored, and you’re covering the wounds with the right

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