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Hen Eye Growth  I am enclosing two photos of our Cuckoo Marans named Maisie. She is five years old. She has had this “growth” on her eye for over two years. It doesn’t seem to bother her. She acts like a happy normal chicken. Can anyone tell us what this is?  Thank You,  Janie and Roger Ulsh, Pennsylvania  ***********************************  Hi Janie and Roger,   Chickens (and other birds) can get swollen sinuses from a variety of respiratory diseases (mycoplasma, chronic fowl cholera, etc.). Especially when this is a bacterial infection, it often forms a plug of “cheesy” material in the sinus. This swollen sinus is often underneath the eye, but the swelling can be over the eye, too. It would probably need to be cut open and cleaned out, as the plug of material inside would need to be removed before it can heal.  There is also a chance that it is a tumor of

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