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Add to Favorites Swollen Eyes and Long Nails As you can see (in the photo above) our red hen has a swollen eye. My other hen, Lacey, may be starting to swell. Is there any type of treatment? I only have four hens and one rooster.   Second question: There are long spurs on my rooster, they are almost 1-inch long. Can they be cut off? You helped me in 2009 with a question about scaly leg mites. The Vaseline worked! Thank you! Nancy Roseen, Minnesota ***************** Thanks for the picture. I would say that the chickens have a respiratory infection. Chickens have sinuses just under their eyes, and these often become swollen and filled when they have a respiratory infection. Bacterial infections (especially Mycoplasma gallisepticum and fowl cholera) often cause this. You can try to treat them with a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It will often help, though the symptoms sometimes

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