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Add to Favorites Handsome Rooster Troubles I am a subscriber to your delightful Backyard Poultry magazine for some years now. We have a wonderful rooster — unfortunately, its former bright and upright comb has, during the past two years, developed spots of serious-looking discoloration, almost fungus-like, and is drooping to one side. The bird does not seem to be troubled, it is lively and eating well. The chicken house is kept clean, well ventilated and, during the cold season, we install an oil-filled radiator — on thermostat. The cold weather cannot be a reason since the chickens are kept inside the house should the thermometer reach 30 degrees F. They still can move onto a small, hay-covered terrace, enclosed by storm-windows. The chickens enjoy a large fenced-in yard around their house with overhead netting against birds of prey … in other words, our birds are well-cared for. I am attaching 4 photos … can

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