Ask the Expert: Feet & Legs

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Add to Favorites Do Leg Bands Hurt? My Polish hen (Queen) has a very long spur that circled back up and grew into her leg. I feel really bad about this because I never noticed it before. I can’t pull it loose and don’t want to pull very hard, as I’m afraid of hurting her. Is there anything I can do at this late date for her? Does it hurt her? Can a vet help her? Kris Haywood, Michigan ***************** Depending on a few things, you may be able to deal with this yourself. The spur can grow into the leg and cause problems, so it probably should be removed. Without seeing it, I’m going to assume a few things, but I think I can picture it. If there is room to get a cutter in the loop of the spur, I would try to cut the spur off toward

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