The Bucks Goat Centre

Goats and Chickens Living Together in Harmony

The Bucks Goat Centre
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes The Bucks Goat Centre in Buckinghamshire, England, is a small farm, open to the public, with a focus on education and conservation. It’s run by Ruth Gaisford and Anthony Hearn, who have a real passion for the animals in their care.   This is no ordinary farm. The animals are not bred for milk or meat. They live a life of fuss and adoration, admired by the visiting public, appearing on television, and arriving at events to bring a quirky element to even the most formal of proceedings.  “We took goats to a wedding,” said Ruth, “Lilly and Poppy are Pygmy goats who come out to events. When a couple got engaged on a goat farm in France, they wanted goats at their wedding. So, we went along, with the goats on leads, and between ceremonies, people were walking around with the goats and

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