Need an Egg Incubation Timeline? Try This Hatching Calculator

How Long Do Chicken Eggs Take to Hatch?

Need an Egg Incubation Timeline? Try This Hatching Calculator

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Use this handy calculator to determine the incubation period: chicken eggs vs duck eggs, goose eggs, turkey, quail, peafowl, guinea fowl, pheasant, and emu. Then set your eggs and watch them develop!

Gestation Calculator (print)

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Milestones (print)

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Knowing how to incubate eggs is more than just setting the eggs and marking a hatch date on a calendar. Here are some valuable resources to help you through your hatch:

How to hatch eggs in an incubator, no matter what kind of poultry!

How long do chicks need a heat lamp? Valuable information for a healthy brooder.

How long do duck eggs take to hatch? Follow a duck egg incubation timeline for a successful hatch HERE.

Incubating turkey eggs? Here’s a guide to raising turkey poults.

Here is a great story about raising Coturnix quail after incubating quail eggs.

How long does it take for goose eggs to hatch? Read these five things to know about domestic goose breeds, before setting those eggs.

Do peacocks lay eggs? PeaHENS do. Read up on how to incubate peahen eggs.

After hatching guinea eggs, they are often raised in brooders or by chickens, because guinea hens aren’t the best moms.

Did you find emu eggs for sale and now you want to incubate them? After they hatch, what do emus eat? Here’s a great story on raising emus!

PLUS, follow this link for a valuable egg candling chart to help you with your chicken egg hatching timeline:


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