WINTER WATER: Keep it Flowing For Your Poultry!

From Nutrena

WINTER WATER: Keep it Flowing For Your Poultry!
Add to Favorites By Lana Beckard, Nutrena Poultry Expert Like all living things, chickens need water to thrive, but keeping your hens hydrated in winter can be a challenge when temperatures plummet. Consider these tips to keep the fluids flowing, even in the coldest climates. Above all, make sure your girls always have access to water that is fresh, clean and unfrozen. Why Water Matters Granted, chickens don’t drink as much water in winter. But abundant liquid water is essential for a variety of reasons. First is egg production. Lack of water — even for just a matter of hours — can throw off egg laying, which may already be compromised due to molt and waning sunlight. This thinking applies to meat birds, too. Without water, they won’t have as much of an appetite and won’t grow as big. Lack of water can also cause problems with digestion and a

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