Rosemary, For Better Circulation

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Rosemary, For Better Circulation
Add to Favorites Rosemary, the intensely fragrant herb from the Mediterranean, looks much like lavender, but is actually more closely related to mint. The plant resembles a miniature ever-green tree, with a thin woody stem and flat needle-like leaves. Rosemary has been used since ancient times for a variety of health reasons for humans, and makes a nice seasoning for roasts and soups. It’s one of my favorite herbs to grow to use in my chicken keeping as well. From an aromatherapy standpoint, rosemary can be used in your chickens’ nesting area to calm and soothe your laying or sitting hens. Fresh or dried, sprinkling some rosemary around your coop can help relax your flock. Just smelling the rosemary essentials oils can also improve their immune systems and enhance respiratory health. Rosemary is edible, but I don’t find that my chickens really like to nibble on it, so it’s a

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