Peppermint, for Thicker Eggshells

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Peppermint, for Thicker Eggshells
Add to Favorites Mint is one of my favorite herbs to grow. Sure, it will spread unchecked and take over your entire garden (and yard!) if you give it the chance, but that’s one reason I like it. It’s nearly impossible to kill, it will grow almost anywhere, and once it gets established, you’ll always have plenty. Just one plant will spread and send out runners, so the following year you’ll have the beginnings of a wonderful mint patch! If you do want to contain your mint patch, planting it in containers, planters or window boxes is a good method to use, or you can just prune or rip out any mint that escapes the confines of your garden. Mint is a cold-hardy perennial that is best started from a small plant instead of seeds, and comes in a variety of flavors. Most common are spearmint and peppermint, but it

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