10 Chicken-Feeding Facts

Here Are the Essentials for Feeding Your Poultry Flock

10 Chicken-Feeding Facts
Add to Favorites By Tiffany Towne, Nutrena Poultry Expert Some say chickens are simple animals. We say they are amazing! Like humans, though, a wholesome diet can make a big difference. Practicing these 10 nutritional must-knows will help keep your flock flourishing. #1: Nom, nom, nom! Full-grown chickens will consume about 1.5 pounds of chicken feed each week. But what’s more interesting is that a chick may consume one pound every week to support its rapid growth. #2: Two cups of water An average laying hen will consume two cups of water each day. Offer fresh, clean water on a daily basis to help your girls keep up with their daily nutrition needs. #3: Scratch Scratch grains should only be used as a treat for your flock. Keep scratch grain supplementation to no more than 10 percent of a chicken’s diet. If fed more, it can reduce the amount of

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