Exploring How Feed Affects Egg Yolk Color

What Influences Egg Yolk Color and Nutrition?

Exploring How Feed Affects Egg Yolk Color
Add to Favorites By Doug Ottinger – Many chicken owners know that egg yolk color is heavily influenced by the feed their birds eat. But do they really understand how interior egg quality can be impacted by the feeds the chickens eat? For instance, most know chickens fed lots of green feed will produce deeper yellow or orange yolks. But why? It’s because of high levels of beta-carotene in the green feed. The beta-carotene is processed in the hen’s intestines into a substance called retinol and then absorbed as vitamin A. Is there a link between egg yolk color and nutrition? Color alone is not indicative of an egg’s nutritional value, but there are substantiated correlations between hens’ diets and the nutritional content of the eggs produced. Eggs with deeper yellow yolks usually have higher levels of vitamin A. Some studies have also indicated there may be higher levels of

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