Breeding Chickens for Egg and Meat Production

Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes By Doug Ottinger – Let’s face it. Few of us raise poultry in our backyards because there is some great financial advantage in doing so. Some of us do it because of fascination. Some for showing birds. Others to provide healthy food. And a few of us raise eggs or meat for small markets. If you like to breed your own birds for eggs or meat production, or are fascinated by cross-breeding birds and seeing what new external traits show up from all of those hidden genetic factors, this article just might be for you. Time Needed to Fully Establish a Trait A general rule-of-thumb is that it takes at least five generations to firmly establish a trait in a line of birds. This is only a guideline. Some traits might take three generations to establish. Others might take seven or eight generations. The

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