Chicken Coops Special Issue — The Playhouse Chicken Coop

Add to Favorites The Playhouse Chicken Coop Design by John, Elicia and John Austin Kirby Wanting to raise chickens but not wanting to raise a huge price tag on their housing took a bit of thought. But we came up with a rather unusual way to put the three “R’s” to use and at the same time saving some of that green stuff in our pocketbook. We wanted a place for our chickens under our large oak trees since they provided shade in the summer, and plenty of sun in the winter. The solution? Our son’s playhouse. Yep, sadly the day had come that he had outgrown the swings and the slide! So we dismantled most of the structure, saving every bolt and screw, and put our heads together trying to figure out how to revamp, well, everything. First things first, we had been quite busy clearing a lot of

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