Do’s and Don’ts When Protecting Chickens from Predators
June 8, 2019 . · Coops

Besides providing basic care for your flock, protecting chickens from predators tops the must-do list for a chicken keeper. When thinking about the onslaught of predators your chickens may face, …

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Tips on Raising Chickens with Dogs
March 15, 2019 . · Feed & Health

  Can raising chickens with dogs work for you? It depends on the dog. And it depends on you. We had an easy start to raising chickens with dogs. Oh’no, …

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Cayuga Duck Breed Spotlight

By Holly Fuller – Cayuga ducks are a threatened breed. These beautiful, iridescent, green feathered ducks are great for their flavorful meat, egg production, show quality, and their ability to make great pets. …

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How to Keep Rats Away From Your Urban Chicken Coop

By Maureen Mackey, Oregon – Knowing how to keep rats away is a growing concern for some chicken owners. Keeping chickens provides so many benefits, it’s no wonder many city-dwellers have installed …

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Raising Cochin Chickens: The Journey Of a Lifetime

By Tamara Staples, New York Thomas Roebuck has been raising Cochin chickens for since he was 8 years old. He grew up in a sleepy little town surrounded by natural …

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4 Ways Backyard Chickens Help Gardens
March 14, 2019 . · Chickens 101

Each garden comes with a sense of pride and the joy of sustainability. Imagine if you had a natural way to fertilize, control weeds, manage insects and improve soil aeration. …

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Top 10 Questions and Answers About Backyard Chickens

By Byron Parker – It’s getting easier for people outside the backyard poultry community to understand why so many of us choose to dedicate a portion of our lives to …

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The Economics of Egg Farming

By Bill Hyde, Happy Farm, LLC, Colorado — When I started egg farming, I kept track of my costs. The numbers surprised me. Turning a profit leaves a lot of …

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Free-Range Chicken Problems

By Donna Insco, Missouri — I have kept a flock of free-range laying hens for 20 years. Allowing poultry to roam can cause problems, but there are reasonable solutions to those …

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Permaculture, Gardening with Chickens

By Bob Egert, The Garden of Egert Crooked Creek Ranch, Texas We moved to the country three years ago. We are living on a 140-acre parcel that was formerly a …

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