Coolest Coops 2018 — Blessings Chook Castle Coop

Add to Favorites By Joanna Blessings, Pennsylvania This charming palace is more than just a safe haven from predators, it’s a little place to call home for our backyard feathered friends! Starting out with just a dozen Rhode Island Reds, we now have over 30 chickens, five adult turkeys, several poults, and a few other furry friends running around the farm. Needless to say the old coop we used for our first couple birds definitely needed an upgrade! After a long search for the perfect frame piece, the refurbishing began on a Craigslist steal for our new chicken coop. The coop ‘before’. Shutters and trim removed and painted. Originally an old Amish-built playhouse, the shell of the house definitely needed some TLC. There was some lower board rotting, and the interior needed to be gutted and repainted. After that was done some scrap linoleum and cheap wallpaper from the “throw

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