2016 Coolest Coops Contest

Add to Favorites First Place: The Hen’s Bed and Breakfast Lyndia Decker, Arkansas This is the hand-built log cabin we call “The Hen’s Bed and Breakfast.” We notched each log and built this cabin, log by log. We put on a tin roof and roosting bars inside with baskets for laying. I have the sweetest chicks ever. _________________________________________________________________ Second place: Coop Saloon Lindsey Brian, Ontario, Canada Photos courtesy Lindsey Brian. Our Wild West-themed coop. The coop was our first carpentry project. It is a 6-foot by 8-foot winterized coop that currently houses 11 layers. __________________________________________________________ Third Place: Reclaimed Garden Coop Denise Krainock, California I built this coop using mostly reclaimed and repurposed materials. The only items purchased were the cement, wire and the four main posts. We were tearing out an old corr al and used the lumber for the main structure, the window and door were from an old

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