No Chickens Allowed!

At least, that’s the Official Line in Miami Beach...

No Chickens Allowed!
Add to Favorites By Jeffrey Bradley, Florida Five years ago, I’d never thought of chickens beyond Kentucky fried. Then one day our daughter brought home a fuzzy yellow Christmas chick someone no longer wanted. You know the rest. My wife plunked it down in my lap with a towel, and that was that. Ever since, with various additions and subtractions, we’ve maintained a flock of seven hens. Now, my wife and I are politically active and we were pretty sure that “farm animals” weren’t allowed on the Beach. Still, we lived in a fairly quiet neighborhood just north of the mayhem of (in)famous South Beach. Our two-story house, built in the 30s, sits on about a third of an acre. It’s historically-designated, meaning we couldn’t tear it down even if we wanted without jumping through bureaucratic hoops. In the back, an office overlooked a big yard with a swimming pool. One side was obscured by a dense choke-cherry hedge, the other by a fig-draped masonry wall. The

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