Buying Spent Stock From a Poultry Breeding Farm

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Buying Spent Stock From a Poultry Breeding Farm
Add to Favorites Doug Ottinger – Purchasing spent breeders from a poultry breeding farm and hatchery can be a promising option for backyard poultry keepers. A small flock owner may want to add just two or three more laying hens, a few new chicken breeds, or a couple of ducks to their little menagerie, and buying a box of 25, day-old chicks from a hatchery just makes no sense. If you want adult hens who will still produce eggs, one of the best choices available is buying spent, or finished breeder (parent) stock that hatcheries and poultry breeding farms are getting rid of and possibly rehoming. Be aware that these birds are sometimes hard to find. Not all hatcheries are able to take the time to rehome their spent breeders. Even though these birds may not be available in all areas, many readers should still be able to take advantage

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