The Duclair Duck

A Relative Of The Rouen Duck, Its Past Is Tragic And Enigmatic

The Duclair Duck
Add to Favorites By Stuart Sutton The Duclair duck is a cousin of the more widely known Rouen duck, both coming from Normandy, France. In fact, the geographical area of origin for the two breeds is only about 20 miles, and they are both the result of local selection. They are distinguished by the Duclair having a white frill on its black plumage. This earned him the nickname “lawyer.” A Duclair is also smaller than a Rouen. The breed’s uniqueness lies in its white bib, which starts below the throat and base of the neck and widens down the chest. The breed was used in the famous Normandy blood duck recipe, “Normande du canard au sang.” At one time the breed’s life was tragic. When animals were transported to the market of Duclair, held every Tuesday, the animals were so tightly packed that some would suffocate to death. These unfortunate birds were then deposited at the “Hotel de la Poste,” where they were then served to customers. In fact, it seems that

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