Learn to Speak Goose

Learn the Difference Between Goose Mating Behavior, Greetings, and Aggression

Learn to Speak Goose
Add to Favorites Most people can readily identify the call of a goose. But did you know that geese have so much more to say than just their proverbial honk? Geese are actually clear communicators who speak with both voice and physical gesture. We only have to know what goose behavior and sounds to look for in order to interpret what they’re trying to say. Learn to better understand the goose, to recognize the signs of a guardian who believes there’s a possible threat, and to become aware of an angry goose about to charge. Outstretched Wings It’s essential when diagnosing goose communication to assess the context of any given situation. One physical gesture can mean very different things depending on the circumstances in which the goose resides.  For example, when the goose spreads his or her wings and holds them open without taking flight, it typically means that the

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