How to Guard Your Backyard Flock with Domestic Geese Breeds

Our backyard flocks quickly find their way into our hearts. I can remember clearly the first time I lost my Cayuga duck, Marigold, to a hawk attack. Despite our efforts …

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Pilgrim Geese Breed Spotlight

By Dr. Dennis P. Smith, Photos by Barbara Grace – I’ve always loved different types of fowl and studied their traits and characteristics, including pilgrim geese. Like a lot of other poultry enthusiasts, I have …

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Learn to Speak Goose

Most people can readily identify the call of a goose. But did you know that geese have so much more to say than just their proverbial honk? Geese are actually …

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Why Keeping Geese on the Farm is Beneficial

More and more homesteads across the United States are incorporating geese into their backyard flocks. It’s no wonder keeping geese on the farm is a strategy that has been employed …

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Geese Breeds: Which Breed of Goose is Right for My Goals?

Geese breeds have been employed on the farm for centuries. They are kept for a myriad of reasons; lawn maintenance and weed control, meat and spring egg production, their down …

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Tips for Buying and Selling at a Poultry Swap Meet
March 1, 2019 . · Poultry 101

Chicken or poultry swap meets are events where the buying, selling, and trading of poultry and livestock is carried out. The event is usually hosted by a private farm or …

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