Geese Breeds: Which Breed of Goose is Right for My Goals?

Geese Breeds: Which Breed of Goose is Right for My Goals?
Add to Favorites Geese breeds have been employed on the farm for centuries. They are kept for a myriad of reasons; lawn maintenance and weed control, meat and spring egg production, their down feathers, as livestock guardians, and for exhibition. Offering many services with minimal care, it’s not surprising homesteads and farms are looking to incorporate these versatile animals into their portfolios. But how do you know which goose is right for you? Identifying the intended purpose or reasons to raise geese will help to determine which characteristics your new goose should possess and which goose will be the best fit. Geese Breeds for Meat and Egg Production Embden Embden geese are the iconic white farmhouse goose recognizable by their white feathers, bright orange feet and bills, and distinct blue eyes. They are the most common meat goose as they grow large quickly, commonly weighing 25 to 30 pounds. They
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  1. I`m thinking to add a goose to our small farm. Hopefully a breed that can be gentle. There will be small children on the farm occasionally. Not sure which breed to purchase. Will a goose be alright in with our ducks ? Can they be protective against predators or is that a myth ?

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