Chick and Duckling Imprinting

How Imprinting Psychology Affects the Success of Your Flock

Chick and Duckling Imprinting
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes When young birds hatch, they quickly learn to stay close to a protective carer. This phenomenon is called imprinting. But do all birds imprint? What about domesticated poultry? Imprinting occurs in all bird species that have good eyesight and mobility within a few hours of hatching, which is the case for all domestic birds apart from pigeons. As ground-nesting parents are likely to lead their family away soon after hatching to avoid predation, the young quickly learn to identify and follow their mother for protection. Chick, gosling, poult, keet, cygnet, or duckling imprinting is the quickest way for nature to ensure that newly-hatched poultry stick with their parent. Why are my Chickens Losing Feathers?Our experts answer all of your chicken feed and health questions in this FREE Poultry Feed and Health Guide. Get your copy today!YES! Please sign me up! Despite the protection

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