Chicken Society—Are Chickens Social Animals?

How Smart Are Chickens in Their Social Lives?

Chicken Society—Are Chickens Social Animals?
Add to Favorites Are chickens social animals? Why do they flock together? What binds chicken society? How can we avoid chicken aggression? We can observe that chickens lead complex social lives. They need familiar companions to feel safe to perform normal, healthy activities. Negotiating a basic pecking order, while protecting and feeding mates, relatives, and offspring, is a more complicated task than it looks, and requires a high degree of social intelligence. To this end, chickens have evolved advanced social recognition and manipulation skills, together with sound logic and empathy. They are aware of others’ points of view and feelings, and make tactical decisions in their dealings with one another. As their providers, we need to be aware of their social and behavioral needs, so that we can provide an environment that is conducive to harmony and good animal welfare.   Are Chickens Social by Nature?  Free-living fowl have demonstrated that chicken society

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