Chicken Husbandry: Five Welfare Needs

What Do I Need to Know about Raising Chickens for Happy, Healthy Birds?

Chicken Husbandry: Five Welfare Needs
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes What do chickens need? And how can we know, when birds are so different from human beings? What do I need to know about raising chickens in my backyard that will ensure their health and welfare? Fortunately, quite a bit of scientific research has gone into investigating chicken husbandry questions in order to improve the health, well-being, and productivity of commercial hens. Backyard keepers can also follow the principles discovered when building a chicken coop and caring for chickens. Keep Your Hens Laying Strong for Years to ComeWant fresh eggs at your fingertips? We’ll show you how to keep your flock healthy and happy! Download our FREE guide: First Egg to Retirement: A Reference Guide to Keeping Strong, Productive Hens! Yes, I Want This Free Guide Although chickens have changed through their domestic history in form, metabolism, and fertility, their ancestral behavior and

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