Is Caring for Chickens a Huge Time Commitment?

How to Care for Chickens, as Revealed Through Interviews

Is Caring for Chickens a Huge Time Commitment?
Add to Favorites by Kim Ellsworth You’ve probably seen those chicks sold in hardware stores and feed outlets. They’re cute, fluffy —absolutely adorable. But if you take some home, how much time will you have to sacrifice? Four women were interviewed about their many years of caring for chickens. They shared their joys, their woes, and, for two women, their reasons for ending the backyard chicken lifestyle. Nearly 35 years of cumulative experience among these four women is a testament to the satisfaction and enjoyment that comes with chickens, even if some chores take more time than they would have liked.  From their setup to their daily life, and even their decision to discontinue, the stories of these four women are as intriguing as they are honest.  Growing with Ease  Katie Painter’s backyard farm has grown to 20 chickens in seven years which is about 14 chickens over the city’s limit,

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