Poultry & Produce—Keeping Your Poultry In Your Garden

Experts Explain Their Tips For Adding Chickens To Your Garden

Poultry & Produce—Keeping Your Poultry In Your Garden
Add to Favorites By Kenny Coogan, Florida “When we were given five or six adult chickens, we learned that we had to keep the chickens out of the garden area, so we put up a chicken wire fence around the vegetable beds,” Demi Stearns recalls. Stearns, who had previously been gardening without chickens for five years, learned the hard way that chickens are voracious eaters. Now, in about her 40th year of gardening while keeping chickens, Stearns has mastered garden coexistence. Chickens, Stearns says, “eat all the grubs, cutworms and slugs that I toss their way.” They also provide daily chicken manure in which she composts and later uses when making the vegetable gardens. “They keep up with the mulberries and Japanese Plums when they start falling,” she adds as one of their beneficial garden chores. When chickens have access to gardens and lawns they will consume less of the

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