Cottage House Garden Shed Coop

2014 Coolest Coops Award Winner

Add to Favorites I was looking for a new hobby to keep my mind off of life and the stresses it can bring. The year before, both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. Life definitely changed and not really for the best! In August of 2006, we built a coop and I started with four Cochin chickens. I love the fancy feathers on their feet, and their cute personalities. I immediately became attached to my little Buff Cochin, Scarlett. She became my little buddy. We have gained chickens and lost some, but my Scarlett stayed with me for 8 years. Inside the coop, a mock Farmers’ Market stand adds some charm to the interior. My parents passed away in 2010, three-and-a-half months apart. Even with all the sadness that it brought, my chickens never let me down. I could go out to my coop and immediately feel just a little

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