Adding Swans to Your Homestead

If you have the space and a pond available, why not learn how to care for swans?

Adding Swans to Your Homestead
Add to Favorites by Doug Ottinger Often associated with legendary beauty and elegance, swans have been subjects of folk lore, written stories, dance and theatrical performances, throughout recorded history. Have you ever thought, “I would love to own a pair of those beautiful birds?” If you have a small farm with a pond, or space to build a pond, and live in a state that allows you to keep domestic, non-migratory swan species, keeping swans might just be a possibility.  Worldwide, there are seven main swan species. Scientists divide these into sub-groups, based on colors, behaviors, migration patterns, and other differences. Swans belong to the same family as surface-feeding ducks and geese. They are found in North America, Eurasia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Trumpeter swans and Tundra swans (Whistler swans) are the two species native to North America. These are protected species and federal permits are required for ownership. The Common, or Mute swan (Cygnus olor) is native to Northern Europe and Eurasia. The Australian, or Black

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