Winterizing Your Flock; A Winter Menu for Poultry

Changing Poultry Feed By The Season

Winterizing Your Flock; A Winter Menu for Poultry
Add to Favorites By Lisa Jansen Mathews I receive calls each winter concerning loss of chickens or the reduction in egg production. Both of these issues are related to diet. The callers are pleased to get manageable answers. I am not sure why the poultry feed industry builds its rations on growth stage alone. It is true that chicks need the higher protein in chick starter. Layers require less protein and higher calcium found in layer rations. However, these are not the only nutritional needs of the flock. As a college nutrition science major I look at poultry diet differently. I look at the calories, vitamins and minerals needed for the stage of development, the desired output, and the weather. Spring Means Higher Protein Rations In the spring I allow my hens to hatch chicks. I prefer to renew my flock in this manner. Breeding and setting require more protein. I

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