Walking Tall

A Look at Chicken Leg Health and Anatomy

Walking Tall
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Tove Danovich If you’ve ever tried to catch a chicken, you know that they can move fast for birds that seem so awkward when they run. The average chicken can run nine miles an hour (much better than they can fly), outpacing some dogs in a race. While a chicken’s feet might scratch up the garden and their feathers and eggs get the compliments, a chicken’s legs often get overlooked. (They’re at least notable for being the part of the bird that most reminds their owner’s chickens are a dinosaur’s distant cousin.) This is a shame — both because there are so many interesting things the legs can teach us about bird anatomy and because there are many issues that might affect your chickens’ legs and are easily treatable if you know what to look for.  A Little about Chicken Anatomy  One

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