How to Handle a Chicken Foot Injury

Spraddle leg, bumblefoot, scaly leg mites, and more.

How to Handle a Chicken Foot Injury
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes A chicken foot injury prevents or slows down a chicken’s ability to tend to chicken business. Healthy chickens are active busybodies. If your chicken finds it painful or difficult to move around, it can become reluctant to move to find food and water. The good news is most chicken foot injury cases are easy to spot. Most problems detected in the beginning stages are treatable. The chicken foot comes in a few varieties. The rooster’s foot is larger than a hen’s foot. This difference is noticeable as the chick grows and apparent long before you hear the first creaky crow. The Cochin and Brahma breeds have fluffy feathered feet called booting. This can be a few feathers reaching to cover a toe or two, or a heavy feathering that collects lots of dirt and mud. Silkie chickens commonly have a fifth toe extending

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