How to Stop Chicken Pecking & Cannibalism

Dealing With Aggression Beyond The Chicken Pecking Order

How to Stop Chicken Pecking & Cannibalism
Add to Favorites Chicken cannibalism is an unfortunate problem many first-time flock owners face. Inexperience, circumstances, and accidents can ignite a ruthless chain of destruction within your flock. Let’s talk about the things you can do to prevent chicken cannibalism, and how to stop chickens from pecking each other to death. Chicken Cannibalism Chicken cannibalism is seldom a problem that occurs spontaneously, but instead, it’s usually a reaction to something else. The experienced poultry keeper will note that cannibalism is a symptom of an underlying issue in the flock, and it’s up to you to play chicken detective. Space Constraints The number one instigator of chicken cannibalism is limited space. Commercial birds typically require a minimum amount of floor space per bird. These birds should get along with each other, as long as they’re in a homogeneous flock. Most backyard chicken keepers don’t keep a homogeneous flock, which creates problems if

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