Top 7 Questions About Vaccinating Your Flock

Add to Favorites By Michelle Miller – It’s spring again, which means lots of us are ramping up to bring home new birds. However, with new birds, come new (and old) questions about vaccination. It can be difficult to decide what is necessary for small flocks. Here are some common questions and answers to get you started. What Vaccines are Important? There are a multitude of vaccines on the market but only a few of them are serious considerations for small flock owners. It isn’t practical or advisable to vaccinate for every potential illness. Some diseases, such as Fowl Pox, should only be vaccinated against if there have been outbreaks in the area. My vaccine list includes Marek’s, Newcastle, and Infectious Bronchitis. You may also consider adding Infectious Bursal Disease. Can I Purchase Vaccinated Chicks? It has become common for hatcheries to vaccinate day-old chicks for Marek’s. Some offer additional vaccines

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