Chickens and Compost: A Match Made in Heaven

Compost and Red Worms Are Good for Your Chickens and Your Soil

Chickens and Compost: A Match Made in Heaven
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Consider this: Two 20-acre parcels right next to each other. Both families have flocks of chickens. Both families feed their chickens identical layer crumbles. But one family has fat hens, the other has skinny hens. Why the difference?  Very likely the difference is compost. The family with fat hens has cows, which produce manure, which is piled in a generous heap (along with hay and other detritus) to break down into compost for the garden. The chickens spend most of their waking hours on this compost pile, scratching for worms and maggots, taking dust baths along the edges, and otherwise behaving as chickens are supposed to behave.  While compost piles are not a critical element for healthy hens, it is certainly a match made in heaven. It’s not just the extra protein the birds get from their foraging. Believe it or not, there is also a psychological benefit for the birds. Confined birds are bored birds, and bored birds are likely to get into trouble (pecking

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