Bad Food for Chickens?

Safe Foods to Feed to Your Chickens

Bad Food for Chickens?
Can you tell me what foods I shouldn’t give my chickens and roosters? Darlene McMahon We’ll share our list of foods we recommend here: • Apples • Apricots • Bananas (Not the peels) • Beets (plus greens) • Blackberries • Blueberries • Bread (Try to offer healthy bread to give your chickens the biggest bang for their buck.) • Broccoli • Brussels Sprouts • Cabbage • Cantaloupe • Carrots (plus greens) • Cereal (Avoid sugary cereals.) • Cherries • Collard Greens • Corn (Chickens especially love corn on the cob.) • Cranberries • Cucumbers • Eggs (Hard boiled eggs are yummy. Warm scrambled eggs are perfect on a cold morning.) • Fish • Garlic • Grains • Grapes • Honeydew Melons • Kale • Lettuce • Meat (You can also give your flock the bones and they will pick them clean.) • Nuts (Avoid salted, seasoned and sugared nuts.) •

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