Life with Chickens – Photo Essay and Video Tour

Add to Favorites Our girls are a diverse collection of beauties, both classics and renegades. Various Wyandottes, Brahmas, a Plymouth Rock, and Orpingtons mingle with Russian Orloffs, a Buckeye, Partridge Chanteclers, and a Speckled Sussex. Then there are the Olive Eggers, the Easter Eggers, and the barnyard mixes making our flock a vibrant myriad of shimmering color and producing a colorful rainbow of eggs. Some girls were rehomed from owners who experienced lifestyle changes and even adopted after a tragic fire. The actual coop is a modified greenhouse shed that underwent major modifications as we sought that just-right balance for the girls. Insulation, extra windows that have been predator-proofed with hardware cloth, and even a barn-style door, which opens either on top, bottom or both, enhance the charming comforts of “Maloney’s Perch & Breakfast.” Our adventure-engaged adult family members have been especially adept at the chicken-yard expansion. Our daughter, Shanna,

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