Coop Inspiration — Hiebert Rural Colorado Coop

Add to Favorites Rural Colorado Coop By The Hiebert Family, Colorado Our family — Dan (dad), TJ (mom), Silas (son) and Lydia (daughter) — moved to rural Colorado about one year ago from Minnesota. I have always dreamed of living in the mountains. Montrose, Colorado emerged as the perfect livsing place … summer weather is fantastic; spring is long; winter is mild (compared to Minnesota), and fall is amazing! We relocated to a 13-acre property, within 1 mile of town. It has nearly a 360-degree view of the San Juans, Grand Mesa, Flat Top, the Black Canyon and the Uncompahgre National Forest. This really is a dream property for us. However, there was a missing key element: no chicken coop. We knew living in rural Colorado meant wild and domestic animals could be a problem with chickens, so we decided to build our own coop primarily with security features in

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