Coolest Coops 2018 — Ashley Sinkula, Coop Envy

Add to Favorites By Ashley Sinkula, ABCDfarmhouse, LLC, Wisconsin My husband and I have worked really hard to create this gorgeous coop and I would love and be ecstatic to show it off. Just a little background, I own my own small business making products from my animals such as soaps etc. I also offer tours to home school groups and do soap and canning classes. Feel free to check out my facebook page ABCDfarmhouse’s chicken palace started out as a shed and quickly progressed to this 8×16 beauty!   Wreath of chickens – Rhode Island Reds and Gold Comets   Willie and his girls.   We wanted easily accessible nest boxes so we have a flap door on the outside of the nest box to easily reach in a grab those gorgeous eggs.   Since Wisconsin has some pretty harsh winters and can get a lot of snow we decided to

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