Coolest Coops 2018 — Ashley Sinkula, Coop Envy

By Ashley Sinkula, ABCDfarmhouse, LLC, Wisconsin

My husband and I have worked really hard to create this gorgeous coop and I would love and be ecstatic to show it off. Just a little background, I own my own small business making products from my animals such as soaps etc. I also offer tours to home school groups and do soap and canning classes. Feel free to check out my facebook page

ABCDfarmhouse’s chicken palace started out as a shed and quickly progressed to this 8×16 beauty!


Sinkula Chicken Coop
Wreath of chickens – Rhode Island Reds and Gold Comets


Sinkula Chicken Coop
Willie and his girls.

Sinkula Chicken Coop

Sinkula Chicken Coop


We wanted easily accessible nest boxes so we have a flap door on the outside of the nest box to easily reach in a grab those gorgeous eggs.


Since Wisconsin has some pretty harsh winters and can get a lot of snow we decided to make a 40×30 covered run for all the birds to enjoy.


Our girls nest boxes are filled with beneficial herbs and flowers such as oregano and Russian sage.


Our ducks, chickens, turkeys and guineas all enjoying their breakfast together. As a treat and entertainment we hang suet cakes for all to enjoy.


Protection at night is important to us so we create a flap door that gets opened in the morning and closed at night.


We like to keep our birds entertained so we added this swinging perch that you can see our turkey hen is enjoying!


During spring we collect rain water that runs off the coops roof top.


The birds getting comfy for the night in heir coop. We made a range of perch heights for everyone to enjoy.


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