Poultry Coop Inspiration 10/1—The Alaskan Efficiency

From the fun and zany to the practical and functional, coops come in all shapes and sizes, and designing them can be half the fun of raising poultry. Here is a backyard coop idea, as explained by the designer.

Poultry Coop Inspiration 10/1—The Alaskan Efficiency
Add to Favorites Written by Stefan Milkowski Design by Stefan Milkowski & Ian Herriott Chickens in the arctic? Sure! Winter temperatures in Fairbanks, Alaska, regularly drop to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can snow from September to May. But every spring, the local feed store is alive with the chirping of chicks, and quite a few people successfully raise meat birds and layers, ducks, geese and turkeys. After wanting chickens for years, my friend and neighbor Ian and I decided to go for it this spring. We got a motley mix of Black Langshams, red sex links, a Buff Orpington, a White Brahma, an Australorp, a Silkie, a White Crested Black Polish, a bantam and two ducks. We raised the chicks inside and then moved them to an uninsulated shed for the summer. We knew the big challenge would be to keep the chickens warm in the winter — and productive — without spending too much money on heat and light. Fairbanks is only

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