Add High Tech to the Henhouse

Cutting Edge Gadgets for Your Backyard Farm

Add High Tech to the Henhouse
Add to Favorites Have you ever wanted to wake up late, have your coffee brewing and the chickens out of their coop? This could be a reality with a little help from technologies including solar chicken coop lights and more. With these nifty devices, you just might find that an internet-connected coop is exactly what your backyard farm really needs. Space Age Incubation There are many electric, electronic and even non-electric options for incubating chicken eggs but have you ever used one with a USB connection? The Rcom USB 20 digital egg incubator doesn’t pipe in Spotify for your soon-to-be hatchlings but it does provide a handy way to monitor settings and build a database for optimal incubation conditions. The USB 20 is the connected version of Rcom’s Pro 20 model and has all the same features — digital menus with humidity, temperature, egg turning and egg angle indicators, and others —

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