A Designer Chicken Coop

Owner Gives Chicken Coop a Unique Look

By Tamara Diederichs

Here are photos of the back of our chicken coop. We access the nesting boxes via the hatch doors to collect the eggs each day. A friend of ours does airbrush paintings of animals and people and I asked if he could paint the nesting box hatch doors as if the depiction is what was actually going on inside. He then took photos of our hens and roosters and painted them on the coop. It turned out wonderfully whimsical and now we have something fun to look at each time we go out to visit with our flock!

Designer Chicken Coop
This is the back of the chicken coop, painted by Dan Gonsalves, of some of the Diederichs’ hens and roosters. He used an airbrush technique to do this wonderful painting on the nesting box hatch doors.
Designer Coop
This is our blue Andalusian, Agnus and black bantam Silkie, Poodle.
Designer Chicken Coop
This is our Rhode Island Red and Brown Leghorn.
Designer Chicken Coop
This is our Cochin hen, Betty (named after my grandmother). Artist: Dan Gonsalves

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