What Roosters Are Crowing About

How And Why Chickens Vocalize

What Roosters Are Crowing About
Add to Favorites By Kenny Coogan Some days it sounds like The View is being recorded in my henhouse with all of the clucking that goes on. At other times the birds’ soft coos and caws are Zen-like. I often have wondered what determines if the noise a chicken makes will be a cluck, coo or crow. And with all that talking, are they actually saying anything at all? Dr. Michael J. Darre, Professor of Poultry Science at the University of Connecticut, says vocalizations of animals may contain “information about the identity of species or an individual of a given species, about sex and rank of a group member, (or) about the biological context and the motivations the sender is experiencing when producing the sounds.” As backyard poultry owners know, chickens can be very vocal birds. In two studies that analyzing red-jungle fowl calls identified up to 30 different vocalizations.

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