Part Four: The Skeletal System

Biology of the Chicken, Part 4

Part Four: The Skeletal System
Add to Favorites Our bird models, Hank and Henrietta, reunite in this article on the skeletal system of the chicken. Both the male and female chicken are highly adapted for flight. This evolutionary development precipitates in some very unique features in their bones. In this article we will discuss some special features of the avian skeleton including how Hank and Henrietta differ slightly to accommodate egg production. I hope to give you a greater appreciation of the design and strength of the chicken skeleton that we too often consider only soup stock after the Sunday roast chicken dinner is over. The skeletal system in all vertebrates, including us, provides support and protection for the rest of our systems, organs and tissues. In general, the chicken skeleton is much like other mammals. The important differences come into play to accommodate a bird’s need to be light enough to fly. Even the

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