The First Two Weeks of a Chicken’s Life

Early Care is Important to Establishing a Chick’s New Home

The First Two Weeks of a Chicken’s Life
Add to Favorites By Romie Holl, Wisconsin I have wanted chickens for a while now for the eggs and meat. They provide the added benefit of eating bugs and ticks out of the garden as well as supplying manure. I not only wanted dual-purpose birds, but birds that could handle the Wisconsin winters. While I know the color of the eggs does not matter when it comes to the quality of what’s inside, I wanted a rainbow of egg colors, so I purchased white layers, different shades of brown layers (some speckled), and a few Easter Eggers. By the time I counted up all the hens, I came up with 23 of them. Then I added two roosters to the mix. This way I won’t have to buy chicks anymore. Getting Ready for My New Arrivals I set up the brooder before the chicks arrived. I was given this nice commercial

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