Raising Chickens Brought Positive Energy to Our Lives!

Beginner Chicken Raising: Anya's Experience

Raising Chickens Brought Positive Energy to Our Lives!
Add to Favorites By Susie Kearley Anya Lautenbach from Buckinghamshire, England, started raising chickens last year, and the whole family fell in love with the birds; they’re totally devoted to them. Her husband Richard keeps bees and butterflies and they live as sustainably as possible on a smallholding in the countryside. “The hybrid hens were 16 weeks old when we got them,” explains Anya. They’re lively characters who enjoy attention. Anya’s sons William and Edward, aged 8 and 5, share her passion for nature. “The boys like to handle the hens a lot!” she says. “Fortunately, the birds don’t mind; they follow the boys around.” She has memories of her parents raising chickens when she was a child. “We always had chickens when I was little, but we only had hybrids and I never got involved as much as I do now with my own birds. I’ve learned a lot

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