Classic American Chicken Breeds

Heritage Chicken Breeds That Started in America

Classic American Chicken Breeds
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s fun to consider adding some truly American chicken breeds to your backyard. These breeds are the backbone of a hardy, productive flock. They are good egg layers with high levels of production. They can endure the tough weather we often get in this country. And many have unique features, such as hawk-coloring to avoid predator detection. Nothing fancy, only purpose, for these breeds whose history, in many cases, goes back to our founding fathers and helped to bring about a growing nation. Ameraucana Developed in the 1970s and first admitted to the American Poultry Standard in 1984, this breed is perhaps the most confused by consumers since many hatcheries mistakenly sell their Easter Eggers as Ameraucanas. True Ameraucanas are beautiful birds with muffs and a well-feathered body that lay blue/green eggs long into the season. Class: All Other Standard Breeds Origin: United

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