Chickens Changing Lives with Animal Antiks

Animal-assisted learning and therapy can help those who are struggling.

Chickens Changing Lives with Animal Antiks
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Animal Antiks is small farm in Buckinghamshire, England, offering educational programs, work experience, and animal therapy. The farm’s chickens are a firm favorite with the young people who attend regularly. They’re studying animal care qualifications and take time out of school to do practical work on the farm.   People of all ages attend for a wide variety of reasons. Beneficiaries, called “members,” come along to Animal Assisted Therapy sessions if they’re struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, or other mental health problems. Physically disabled people go to spend time with the animals. Young and old alike benefit from the interaction and the positive vibes on the farm.   I meet Sarah Kettlety, the farm’s founder, who started exploring the benefits of Animal Assisted Learning 20 years ago and she’s never looked back. From small beginnings, Animal Antiks now welcomes 50 to 60 people every week for sessions tailored to the

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