Ask the Expert: Eggs/Odd Eggs

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Add to Favorites Layers Not Producing We have 45 layers: Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, and some of the Black and White Rock. We are getting two to five eggs a day. What is wrong? Is this normal? I write down on the calendar every day the amount of eggs, last year was not like this. What could be wrong? Mary and Fran Lightenfield, New York ***************** My first thought is that the hens are on natural light, and this is normal winter production. In nature, when most birds sense the days getting shorter, their bodies stop producing the hormones necessary for egg production. They will often molt, their oviducts regress, and they go into a “resting” phase until the day length starts to increase again. Some breeds that have been selected for high egg production will continue to lay during the short days, but many dual-purpose breeds such as

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