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Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs My wife and I are novice backyard chicken farmers. We have ISA Brown hens in upstate New York. We are having great success with the help of your magazine. Can you tell me the secret to easy peeling hard-boiled eggs? I love them but lost half the egg in the peeling process. Is there something we can add to the feed or to water upon boiling? Love your magazine an all you guys do for us beginners out. Keep up the good work! Joe and Bridget Gaitan ***************************** Hi Joe and Bridget, I feel your pain! My dog Tater sits nearby when I peel eggs because I used to get frustrated and toss the mangled, half-peeled mess to her. Now, after I learned a few tricks, she is usually disappointed. (I do still toss one to her anyway.) The reason store-bought eggs peel easier than fresh eggs is that air has seeped into

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